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Awards Reception and Detroit Tiger Baseball Tickets Registration


Congratulations on your achievement by earning a GRAND AWARD for the 2019 Science & Engineering Fair!

This year, we are going to recognize all Junior and Senior Grand Award winners, parents, and teachers with a special event on SATURDAY JUNE 8, 2019. The event starts at 2:00 PM at the Detroit Athletic Club (241 Madison, Detroit) and ends with a Detroit Tiger Baseball Game to follow at 4:10 PM (Detroit vs Minnesota Twins)

Details will follow but for planning purposes, the following gives an idea of the event.

Event:              Grand Award Reception and Baseball event
Date/Time:      Saturday. June 8, 2019 Reception at 2:00 PM, Lunch at 2:15, Recognition at 3:00 PM,  Tiger Baseball game at 4:10 PM
Location:         Detroit Athletic Club (parking lot at the back of the DAC BLUE JEAN Friendly!)
Parking:           Detroit Athletic Club - must arrive not later than 2:15 PM, mention SEFMD and pay the reduced
                          fee of $13.00 with the attendant for self park, $14.00 for valet parking
Who is invited: Grand Award Winner plus both parents of grand award winner (total of three tickets)
                          also - Teacher of Grand Award Winner and Teacher's spouse/guest (2 tickets)
Additional passes: MAY BE AVAILABLE (please ask if you need more tickets). Cost will be $30/person
                            (includes lunch  and baseball game ticket - see below)

We need an INITIAL count by MAY 15!!!

Who are you (check one):
    Teacher of a student that participated in the Science Fair
    Board Member, Operating Council Member, Donor, or other

Your Name:                       

Name of associated Grand Award Winner (list is alpha by first name):

Contact Information:
    Phone Number:               (format of xxx-xxx-xxxx)
   eMail Address:              

List of everyone associated with this record that will be attending the event (including your name). 
Each student is entitled to receive 5 tickets for lunch and 5 tickets for the tiger game  (NOTE - ONE ticket must be used for the finalist) Two (of the 5 tickets) are reserved for the teacher (and teacher guest).  Teacher tickets are non-transferrable (ie, if the teacher elects to not attend, you may not use them for others in your group).  Additional tickets for dinner are available at $15.00 each and additional tickets for the tiger game MAY be available for $15.00 each.  Select the appropriate item in the drop down boxes.


Name (Last, First) Relationship Attend Dinner Special Diet
(if attending Dinner)
Attend Tiger Name


If you do not receive the tickets in this first allocation, do you want to be considered for a last minute, waitlist (due to people cancelling at the last minute)?
     YES - I DO want to be added to the wait list
    NO - I do not want to be on the wait list


ROBOT TEST:   What is:  3+2+1?