The following forms are available for download as of 9/4/2013

Please note that the Adobe PDF Format forms will require Adobe
Acrobat Reader in order to read the forms.  If necessary, click on the icon to get Acrobat Reader. 

Adobe PDF Format Word 2003 Format
2013-2014 School Affiliation Form (permits on-line internet entries from school) 2013-2014 School Affiliation.pdf 2013-2014 School Affiliation.doc
2013-2014 SRC Forms REQUIRED of all SENIOR Projects  
Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) Intel Form-1.pdf (checklist)  
Student Checklist (1A) and Research Plan Intel Form-1A.pdf  
Approval Form (1B) Intel Form-1B.pdf  
2013-2014 SRC Other Forms  
Research Institutional/Industrial Setting (1C) Intel Form-1C.pdf  
Qualified Scientist (2) Intel Form-2.pdf  
Risk Assessment (3) Intel Form-3.pdf  
Human Subjects and Informed Consent (4) Intel Form-4.pdf  
Sample Informed Consent Intel Sample Informed Consent.pdf  
Non-human, vertebrate animals at a Non-regulated research site  (5A) Intel Form-5A.pdf (includes 5B)  
Non-human, vertebrate animals at a Regulated research site  (5B) Intel Form-5B.pdf (includes 5A)  
Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents (6A) Intel Form-6A.pdf  
Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue (6B) Intel Form-6B.pdf  
Continuing Projects Form (7)  Intel Form-7.pdf  
Complete packet of ALL Intel ISEF Forms (29 pages) Intel Form-All Forms.pdf  
Intel Rules and Guidelines (29 pages) Intel Rules and Guidelines.pdf  
Complete Intel Rules Book (44 pages) Intel Complete Rules Book.pdf  
Risk Assessment Guide (12 pages) Risk Assessment Guide.pdf  
Misc Information  
Intel changes for 2013-2014 (1 page) Intel Changes for current year.pdf  
Intel Online Survey Consent Procedures Intel Online Survey Consent Procedures.pdf  
Guidelines for Biosafety Level 1 Operations Guidelines for Biosafety Level 1 Operations.pdf  
Guidelines for Biosafety Level 2 Operations Guidelines for Biosafety Level 2 Operations.pdf  
Intel 2013-2014 Student Handbook Intel Student Handbook.pdf  
Application to be on SF Operating Council SF OC Application.pdf SF OC Application.doc
Facts about the 57th SEFMD 2013-2014 brochure  Facts about the 57th SEFMD.pdf Facts about the 57th SEFMD.doc
Information about the Science Fair for Students and Teachers (2013-2014) Information for Students and Teachers.pdf Information for Students and Teachers.doc
SF Newsletter 9/5/2013 SF Newsletter.pdf SF Newsletter.doc
2013-2014 Principal's letter - to be sent to all schools 9/10/2013 Principal letter.pdf Principal letter.doc
Workshop presentation at Detroit Public Library 10/27/07    

There is a 'ISEF Rules Wizard' available on the Science Service web site.  This rules wizard helps to identify exactly WHICH forms are required.  The abstract that is listed is for projects competing at the ISEF.
To access the 2013-2014 wizard, Click here