Judging Sessions

Session 0 (3/5-3/9) Display and Safety Review of all material submitted by the student for compliance with rules. If discrepancies are found, student is notified and has 48 hrs to correct. All students must pass Display and Safety prior to being judged.


Session 1 (3/11-3/14) Preliminary Judging. All projects are scanned and rated in top 35%, middle 50%, or bottom 15%. Typically each judge will review 50-75 projects.


Session 2 (3/15-3/18) Detailed scoring of top 35% of projects. Typically each judge will judge 20-25 projects.


Session 3 (3/23) Individual, one on one ZOOM interviews with the top senior division students. Each interview to last 12 minutes, all interviews are pre-scheduled and assigned to a judge. There will be 12-15 projects to judge.