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ISEF Travel Registration

Select the Project Finalist Name:             

The following information is needed for everyone OTHER THAN THE FINALISTS attending the ISEF:

Your name (Traveler Name): 

Relationship to Student Finalist:
        SEFMD Staff

Details of GROUND transportation to Pittsburgh, PA
   Vans depart on SUNDAY, May 13, 2018 at 8:30 AM from Mercy High School, Farmington, MI  (alternate pickup in Ann Arbor)
   Vans returns on FRIDAY, May 18, 2018 approximately 6:30 PM at Mercy High School (alternate drop off in Ann Arbor)
   Cost of:  $75/person
   If you would like ground transportation, complete the following for all traveling INCLUDING the student finalist (unless you are a teacher completing this)

First Name
Last Name
Cell Phone
eMail Gender DOB
(Not needed)

Special transportation Notes/comments:

Details for Hotel Accommodations:
   Holiday Inn,   Cost is $159/night plus taxes
   Do you want hotel accomodations:
        Yes - Private room (complete details below)
        Yes - Shared room with another adult if possible, otherwise private room.  If shared room, it will be for the entire week
        No - I will make my own hotel reservations

    If requesting a private room, complete the following:
        Number of beds desired: 
        Check nights needed for room:
                    Sunday Night, 5/13
                    Monday Night, 5/14
                    Tuesday Night, 5/15
                    Wednesday Night, 5/16
                    Thursday Night, 5/17
        List names of all people staying in private room:


Details for Official Party Registration/Access to exhibit hall and events:
Official Party Registration allows access to the exhibit hall, all awards presentations, and the various mixers.  Cost is $150/person.  Award only presentation passes are available on-site for $25.00 for Friday and $50 for Thursday and Friday.  If you would like to be part of the 'official party registration', complete the following:

Badge First Name Badge Last Name Badge Type Over 21 Special Diet?


Overall Comments or special circumstances OR IF NOT ATTENDING AT ALL, please indicate so below



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