(Revised  11/14/2014)

Prior to the Fair:

1.       Read all of these directions thoroughly and bring them with you to Cobo.

Judging Day Schedule

1.       7:45-8:30 a.m.:  BYPASS the normal judge check-in central location and report to the ‘Professional Awards Judging Desk’ (look for signs – typically at the front of the hall across from the donuts)  Check in with the Chief Judge.  While you are waiting for others from your group, coffee and doughnuts will be available.

2.       8:30 a.m.:  Students will attend a 15 minute student orientation meeting and return to the hall by 8:45 AM.  Only the Senior Division students will be present in the hall.  During this time, the ‘chairman’ of your group will outline your objectives and detail your individual judging assignments.

3.       8:45-noon:  Judging with students present.  Complete as many interviews as necessary.  Please try to coordinate your interviews with the category award judges and interview the students when they appear to be ‘idle’.

4.       noon-1:00 p.m.: Lunch.

5.       1:00-4:00 p.m.:  Complete the judging of projects as necessary.  When your judging assignment has been completed, your judging chairman will reimburse you $5.00 for parking and/or food.


You may use any criteria in selecting your winners.  We ask that you try to be as objective as possible and not ask what school a student attends.  Detailed guidelines used by the category judges are available from the professional awards judging chairman for your review if necessary.

All judging results MUST BE TURNED IN by 5:00 PM on Wednesday (judging day).  There is a special awards program for participants for the afternoon session on Wednesday, immediately after judging, at the Detroit Science Center. If you would like to present your awards to the students at this time, please indicate so to the Professional Awards Chairman when you turn in your student sheets.

In order to maintain integrity of the judging process, students name, addresses, school information, etc will be hidden from view.  After your judge sheets are turned in, we will supply you with the name of the student, teacher name, school name, and school contact information.  We will not provide student home information.