Judging Day Schedule


1.      7:30-8:30 a.m.:  Check in at the Judges Central Check-in Location to confirm your judging assignment.  Then check in with the Chief Judge at your assigned fair.  Coffee and doughnuts will be available.

2.      8:30 a.m.:  Judges Orientation will take place with your Chief Judge at your assigned fair.  The Chief Judge will go over the procedures described below and will designate which projects you will be judging.  New judges may want to report to their Chief Judge a few minutes earlier, if they have questions regarding judging procedures.

3.      8:45 a.m.-noon:  Judge the projects assigned to you.  Your help will be needed to judge as many projects as possible so keep checking with your Chief Judge until he or she says you are finished.  Assist the Chief Judge with the placement of the result labels and/or stickers if these are available before lunch.  Grand Award Judging may begin in the late morning for those of you taking part in that.

4.      noon-1:00 p.m. (approximate):  Lunch

5.      1:00 - 4:00 p.m.:  Grand Award Judging will take place in the late morning or during the afternoon (from 1:00-4:00).



Round One:   Judges will be given a computer printout listing the numbers and names of the projects they are to judge.  You will go in small groups (of 2-4 judges) and interview each student on you list.  During the interview process, evaluate the project using the JUDGING CRITERIA given on the enclosed pages.  The interviews should last approximately ten minutes each.  Every student must be interviewed!  If the student is not at his or her project, but the project is there, notify the Chief Judge at once.  (Do not mark this project a “no show”)   If there is no project at the exhibit location number, please indicate “No Project” on the computer printout.

            Please note:

Þ    During this round of judging, you should decide which projects are “blue ribbon”, “green ribbon” or “red ribbon.”

Blue ribbon (OUTSTANDING) are the very best projects which deserve further consideration for top ranking; approximately 35-40% of all projects should be blue ribbon.

Green ribbon (EXCELLENT) are projects which still show scientific thought and ability but are not in the running for the top places; approximately 50-55% of all projects should be green ribbon.

Red ribbon (HONORABLE MENTION) are those projects that show a minimum of scientific thought and effort; only 10-15% of the projects should be red ribbon.

Þ    Judges will also decide during this round of judging which projects deserve the top places (first, second, and third).  Multiple place awards are possible, especially in the larger categories; please discuss this with your Chief Judge.  If the judges feel that none of the projects warrants a first place award, then no second or third place awards may be given and the highest award in that category would be a blue ribbon; please try to avoid this situation if possible.

Þ    At the end of this round of judging, judges should submit their list of project names to the Chief Judge and indicate next to each project the appropriate ribbon color.  If rankings are also done during this round, indicate which projects are first, second, and third place.  DO NOT place any stickers on the projects at this time.