Travel information for 2010 ISEF winners  REVISED 4/16/2010



  SUNDAY, May 9, 2010, DTW-MSP-SJC (39 seats)
        Depart Detroit on DL 1203 at 7:25 AM  - arrive in MSP at 8:10 AM 
             (meet at Delta/Northwest Ticket Counter at 5:40 AM)
        Depart MSP on DL 2185 at 9:15 AM - arrive in SJC at 11:21 AM

    FRIDAY, May 14, 2010, SFO-DTW (1 stop in MSP)  (39 seats)
        Depart San Francisco  on DL 2554 at 10:45 PM - arrive in Detroit at 6:13 AM Saturday

              SUNDAY, May 9, 2010, Battle Creek - MSP - SJC  (3 seats)
                   Depart Grand Rapids on DL 2813 at 7:45 AM - arrive in MSP at 8:16 AM
                   Connect on DL 2185 departing MSP at 9:15 AM - arrive in SJC at 11:21 AM

               FRIDAY, May 14, 2010  SFO-DTW-GRR
                        Depart San Francisco on DL 2554 at 10:45 PM - arrive in Detroit at 6:13 AM Saturday
                        Connect to DL 1823 departing DTW at 10:10 AM - arrive in Grand Rapids at 11:04 AM


NOTE:  Please DO NOT call or ask Delta to re-assign your seat number.  We have a special way of checking everyone in for the flight in mass.  DO NOT pre-print your boarding pass.  Actual seat configuration obtained from:   
For a diagram of the aircraft and to see the location of our group, click here
For Individual Seat Assignments, click here

Link to TSA site regarding what can be in carry-on luggage:

Checked Luggage Weight and Measurement
Luggage is measured by adding length, width and height to determine the total number of linear inches/centimeters.
bulletNorthwest will accept luggage up to a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a total linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm) per piece at no charge.
bulletAdditional charges may apply for luggage weighing more than 50 pounds (23 kg) or with a total linear dimension of more than 62 inches (158 cm) per piece.


Hotel Accommodations in San Jose, California
    Holiday Inn San Jose
   1740 North First Street
   San Jose, CA  95112
    Front Desk:  408-793-3300   fax:  408-453-0261


Project Shipping:
    SEFMD does NOT ship any projects or boards to the ISEF.  Instead, blank boards are purchased at the host city and constructed on-site.  Students should hand carry their presentation material for the display boards.  Two configurations are possible and are given in the following link:   Display Board Configurations (Adobe PDF file)

Your Competition:
ISEF2010 Projects per category (as of 4/16/2010)
  Indiv Team    
AS 46 17   Animal Sciences
BE 45 21   Behavorial & Social Sciences
BI 42 10   Biochemistry
CB 54 11   Cellular & Molecular Biology
CH 49 14   Chemistry
CS 50 5   Computer Science
EA 28 5   Earth & Planetary Science
EE 74 29   Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical
EM 62 23   Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
EN 52 26   Energy & Transportation
ET 54 22   Environmental Management
EV 48 29   Environmental Sciences
MA 56 19   Mathematical Sciences
ME 95 23   Medicine & Health Sciences
MI 57 11   Microbiology
PH 57 11   Physics & Astronomy
PS 48 9   Plant Sciences
TOTAL 917 285    

Michigan Finalists and project Locations:

KARABAKAL, Deniz Ismail EE319 Ann Arbor
PAUL, Rohan EE319 Ann Arbor
DAIDA, Jeannette A. MI049 Ann Arbor
ZUELKE, Alexander Matthew EE064 Ann Arbor
JIN, Norman Luwei EE031 Detroit
WOO, Frank Walter ET312 Detroit
HSIA, Tammy Yuwen ET312 Detroit
YURKO, Michael Christopher CS019 Detroit
GARDNER, Peter Nicholas EM032 Detroit
WANG, Genevieve Ying PH303 Detroit
GARDNER, Laree Danielle PH303 Detroit
MORRISON, Stephen J PH303 Detroit
WANG, Kevin David CS020 Detroit
VIJAYAKUMAR, Nithya P CB022 Detroit
JENA, Siddhartha Gautama ME043 Detroit
JONES, DMontae Gregory EE065 Michigan
WU, Sherwin Zhang ME084 Michigan
GAGNON, Noah James PH014 Flint
BAUERLE, Matthew R. CS014 Flint
SMITH, Nicole Elizabeth EM001 Saginaw
PUGH, Andrea Aleah EV001 Saginaw
FOUNTAIN, Dannie Lynn PH041 Port Huron
MEHTA, Ishan Harshad MI310 Port Huron
TUMMA, Nithin Reddy MI310 Port Huron
DUEMLING, Frederick Thomas EA028 Port Huron
HASSE, Brady Alexander EA014 Big Rapids
VANORDER, Jarek Alan PS028 Big Rapids
BUSSO, Mallory Ruth EN313 Kalamazoo
RAYCRAFT, Lauren Marie EN313 Kalamazoo
FLETCHER, Evan Haley PH023 Kalamazoo
RUDLAFF, Rachel Marie MI055 Kalamazoo
GREEN, Kevin Jay CH313 Berrien Springs
LYBBERT, Andrew Christian CH313 Berrien Springs