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 AIRWAS-Air Waste Management Association  Environmental projects related to air, water, pollution, clean energy, and the environment.


 APA-American Psychological Association  Outstanding research in psychological science under the category of Behavioral and social sciences or any category related to psychology


 ASA-American Statistical Association (ASA), Michigan Chapters  Effective use of statistical methods in the science project, including data collection, graphical display, and statistical analysis. Winners are listed in magazine. Link for last year's winners: Here


 ASEIO-American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin  Projects that demonstrate transformational & impactful technology. The themes can be related but need not be limited to New Mobility/Futuristic transportation (EVs, AVs, VToL, etc.), Sustainability, Energy Transition, Net Zero Future, Smart Cities and so on. Additionally Bio Medical, Lifesciences advancements are encouraged too.


 ASHRAE-Amercian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers  Projects addressing the conditioning of air for indoor environments. Projects may explore the heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, or air filtration and cleaning of buildings or vehicles. They may also investigate underlying principles or related topics such as insulation, energy efficiency, sustainability, or equipment such as fans, compressors, heat exchangers and whole air-conditioning units.


 ASMDET-ASM - Detroit Chapter  Projects that involve the use of materials (metals, plastics, ceramics, or composites) where the student has: (1) Designed or created a new material; (2) Built or tested an improved material; or (3) Examined/analyzed the internal structure of the material.


 AWG-Association of Women GeoScientists  Projects by female students whose projects exemplify high standards of innovativeness and scientific excellence in the geosciences


 BATTLE-James T Battle Memorial Award  This professional award is presented to a 11th or 12th grade student that has demonstrated a long term interest in the Science Fair, dedication and a quest for knowledge. The student should have participated in at least 2 previous Science Fairs and had a thoughtful project that required creativity, ingenuity, and thoroughness. Each of the previous yearís projects will also enter into the selection process.


 BCODE-Broadcom Foundation-Coding with Commitment  Any Junior division student in any STEM category who combines STEM Knowledge, Computation/Coding in the project's research, design, or development that Expresses Passion for helping or improving ones community. Award: $250 plus Raspberry Pi computer system


 DOD-DOD-STEM award from Society for Science  Excel in STEM Knowledge; Demonstrate problem solving skills and determination to overcome challenges throughout their research project; Exemplify leadership qualities through excellent communications skills and creative thinking. $100 prize from DOD


 EMA-Environmental Management Association  Individual projects submitted by students in the senior division (grades 9-12) that focus on environmental science.


 EPA-Environmental Protection Agency  Projects in the area of environmental sciences and environmental engineering. Students will receive a congratulatory letter from the EPA


 FPC-Fino Plane Co  Project that demonstrates aerodynamic principles, avionics, or components of aviation. Award consists of EAA Young Eagles orientation flight around Detroit


 GLWA-Great Lakes Water Authority  Projects that deal with Water.


 IEEE-IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section  Projects that demonstrate electrical, electronic and computer engineering concepts


 INVITR-Society for In Vitro Biology  outstanding 11th grade student (preferred) exhibiting in the areas of plant or animal in vitro biology or tissue culture


 LEMEL-Lemelson Foundation  Develops an invention to solve a critical societal problem and improve the lives of others. $100 cash award


 LTU-S-LTU STEM Scholarship  High school 11th or 12th grade students with projects that demonstrate challenging issues in areas of health, engineering or environment where applications of creative investigation and integration of cross STEM disciplines are used to solve the issues at hand. Applicant must have serious desire to attend LTU. We encourage high school students to submit a LTU admission application beginning August 1. Award is for $19,650/year, renewable


 LTU-WS-LTU Summer Workshop  Summer Camp: High school 10th and 11th grade students that are interested in exploring stimulating academic camps in engineering, technology, design and Science will be introduced to the latest innovations in modern labs and studios. Summer Camps consist of one week on LTU campus - Camp - choice of student.


 MMCA-Mini/Micro Computer Applications  Innovative use of computers or computer technology


 NASA-NASA Earth System Science  projects that best demonstrates insight into Earth's interconnected spheres (atmosphere, lithosphere, hydroshpere, cryoshere, and bioshpere.


 NOAA-United States Department of Commerce Oceans and Atmosphere  Projects that best understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans, and costs, to share that information with others, and to conserve and manage coastal and marine ecosystems and resources.


 NSBE-National Society of Black Engineers: Detroit Professionals  NSBE seeks to determine the next generation of STEM leaders. We are looking for STEM projects that can clearly demonstrate how it impacts the community as well as showcase their excellence in technical research, discovery, or innovation. Each division will get the opportunity to compete for a $100 stipend, certificate and membership as a NSBE Jr. Member.


 RICOH-Ricoh Corporation  Looking for outstanding projects that address issues of environmental responsibility and sustainable development.


 SHPE-Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - Detroit  SHPE empower Hispanic students and professional to become the next generation STEM leaders. We are seeking students enthusiastic about STEM and solving problems in their local community.


 SIGXI-Sigma Xi-Univ of Mich Chapter  Students who attend a school located in Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe and Washtenaw counties.


 SIWI-Stockholm Junior Water Prize (Stockholm)  The competition is open to any high school student who has conducted a water-related science project and reached the age of 15 by Aug. 1 of the competition year. Projects should be aimed at enhancing the quality of life through improvement of water quality, water resources management, or water and wastewater treatment. Projects can explore water issues on local, regional, national, or global issues.


 SPACEX-SpaceX  Projects with aerospace applications


 SWE-Society of Women Engineers - Detroit  For female identifying students with exceptional projects in engineering or engineering related fields (including but not limited to biomedical engineering, engineering mechanics, environmental engineering, embedded systems, energy:chemical, energy:physical, materials science, robotics, systems software).


 TFS-Thermo Fisher Scientific-Advancing Equity through innovation Award  Project that promotes an equitable society that is healthier, cleaner, or safer for all. Emphasis on providing opportunities for communities that donít have equal access. The project must satisfy all 3: 1. Have a focus on equity, by providing greater access to the same opportunities or outcomes for an underserved or disadvantaged population 2. Make the world either healthier, cleaner, or safe 3. Use innovation to drive equitable access


 TOYOTA-Toyota R&D Innovation and Mobility  Senior Division 10th, 11th and 12th grade students whose projects involve new society innovations and mobility ideas as it relates to Toyota's long term objectives of a sustainable planet and mobility for all.


 USAF-United States Air Force  best project that is in line with the goals and objectives of the USAF


 USAID-US Agency for International Development  Project that has the potential to make an impact on addressing international development challenges.


 USMA-US Metric Association Award  Best use of SI metric system in a project


 USNAVY-United States Navy  Project best in line with the Navy's objectives.


 WEIZ-American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science  12th grade student-Grand Award Winner. Winning student will receive an all expense paid trip to study with top 50 students worldwide at Weizmann Institute of science in Rehovot, Israel.

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