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The following judges have signed up to judge the Science Fair at Cobo Hall.
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An * given by the judge name (before the Company name) signifies that the judge has also registered with their company volunteer program.

Total number of judges signed up to date = 250

Name   Company Name School Name or Community Program
Adusumilli, Siva Ford Motor Company
Ahmed, Abul Great Lakes Water Authority
Akkineni, Krishna Ford Motor Company
Alimuddin, Mohammad * Ford Motor Company
Andzelewski, Simon Ford Motor Company
Aniapam, adjoa
Armiak, James Retired - Marathon Petroleum Company
Arora, Anupam Self Employed
Arumugam, Kannappan Ford Motor Company
Awad, Sam Marathon Petroleum Company
Bailey, Hannah Ford
Berels, David Ford Motor Co.
Bernard-Buie, Ellen .
Bernardo, Margarida Wayne State University
Bezak, Jonathon Ford Motor Co.
Birla, Raj Ford Motor Co.
Bloomer, Jeff Ford Motor Company
BOAG, ARON Lockout Locksmiths
Bolar, Krystal Detroit Public Schools
Bramlett, Don DTE Electric (DTE Energy) (retired)
Broughton, Michelle Detroit Board of Education (DPSCD)
Buckler, Michele Detroit Diesel Corporation
Burdeski, Jamie General Motors
Burdick, Scott Wayne State University
Burugula, Bala Bharathi University of Michigan
Carpenter, Steven General Motors
chace, christian USPTO
Chachich, Mike
Chauhan, Pratibha Ford Motor Company
Chen, Jenny C&U Americas
Chill, Thomas Integrated Design Solutions
Chung, Jack Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Cieslak, Jim Ford
Cohen, Donald Michigan Metrology, LLC
Cohen, Julia The Children’s Center of Wayne County
Collins, CaRhonda Ford Motor Company
Dara, Brian Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Das, Susanta Kettering University
Dayanandham, Lakshmikanth AM General LLC
Dea, Alice Retired
Deleston , Ellen Ford Motor Company
Deleston , Ellen Ford Motor Co.
DeWeese, L Carroll Retired
Dickirson, Gene Gene Dickirson Engineering
Efta, Alex USPTO
Ekstrom, Andrew University of Michigan Flint
Ellison, Scott Ford Motor Company
El-Sharkawy, Alaa Chrysler Group LLC
Falkner, Evan City of Detroit - Detroit Water and Sewerage
Farr , Valerion Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Findley, Anthony Wayne State University
Finley, Russ Wayne State University School of Medicine
Fino, Tim Ford
Flynn, Kelly Ascent Aerospace
Fradet, Anais Henry Ford Hospital
Frazier, Debbie Great Lakes Water Authority
Frew, Rob Ford Motor Co.
ganguly, snehasis 20600 Rotunda
Garcia, Susan H&R Block
Gibson, Robert Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Goryl, Karen Retired - Environmental/Chemical Engineer
Green, Delbert University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Greenlick, Amber
Grossman, Jerrold Oakland University
Grzebienik, Gary
Guo, Kevin Ford Motor Company
Guo, Nancy Ford Motor Company
Hairston, Bonnie DPSCD
Hanna, Allison Ford Motor Company
Harris, Samantha Henry Ford Hospital - Main Campus
Hilbers, Grant Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority
Holloway, Sharon Detroit Public Schools
Hsu, Cheng-Wei Ford Motor Company
Hubel, John Davis Aerospace High School (Retired)
Jackson, Cleophas U.S. EPA
Johnston, Richard Lawrence Tech. University
Joslin, Audrey FCA Group
Kansara, Saket Ford Motor Company
Kerckaert, David Marathon oil company
Khan, Wajid Great Lakes Water Authority
Komjathy, Robert retired
Koripella, Srinivas Ford Motor Company
Krent, Tom Education Planning Resources
Kuo, Min-Hao Michigan State University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Lardner, Emily Self employed
Laskey, Brian Ford Motor Co.
Liu, Charles * Ford Motor Company
Ludwig, Gina Currently off work
Mair-Meijers, Henriette Wayne State University
MANICKAM, NANDINI University of Michigan
Manthei, Kendall N/A
Massey, Yolonda Detroit Public Schools Community District
Mayberry, Scott
McCorkle, Colin Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
McMillan, Lara Detroit Country Day Upper School
McPherson, Shelby VM3 Construction
Milacic, Milos Ford Motor Company
Morris, David MITRE
Movva, Nagarjun Ford Motor Company
Mukherjee, Meenakshi Detroit Public Schools Community District
Narayan, Nirmal Autoliv
Oddo, William Detroit Recieving Hospital
Okun, Mark Ford Motor Co
Oleita, Eradajere Ecoworks
Ooty, Suresh Ford Motor Company
pan, chaoye ford motor company
Papuga, Shirley Wayne State University
Pasquali, Dean Marathon Petroleum Company
Perry, Kyle Henry Ford Health System
Pique-Regi, Roger Wayne State University
Plautz, RIck Destaco
Ponnuswamy, Cynthia Ford Motor Company
Potter, Timothy Ford Motor Company
Pouncy, Sonya .
Prasad, Ranjan Ford Motor Company
Pyers, Dean General Motors (Retired)
Rahman, Rezwanur Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Ram, Sundaresh University of Michigan
Ramamoorthi Elangovan, Venkateswaran University of Michigan
Rauch, Jason Ford Credit
Reddy, Rakesh AT&T
Reed, Stephen Ford Motor Company
Remington, Philip Ford Motor Company
Ren, Feng Ford Motor Company
Resztak, Justyna Wayne State University
Ridenour, jack Ridenour Engineering, PLLC
Ritter, Mary University of Michigan-Statistics Dept.
Rohde, Mitchell Quantum Signal LLC
Rohde, Steve Quantum Signal
Roland, Charlotte Ford Motor Company
Rush , Lisa Retired
Sabatini, Vincent Ford Motor Company
Sambandan, Kumar * Ford Motor Company
Santana-Rodriguez, Zuleirys Progenity, Inc
Sarnecki, Joseph Macomb Community College
Saxe, Andrew
Scales, Thomas AT&T
Schiele, Carl .
Sehgal, Balvinder Great Lakes Water Authority
Shaffer, Sheila Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Shamass, John Retired Detroit Public Schools
Shaw, Michael Acension Health System
Shelmon, Bill Toyota Motor North America
Slykhouse, Roger
Sritharan, Sajitha Ford Motor Company
Srivastava, Chetna Ford Motor Company
Stec, Lori Beaumont Health System
Stileski, Eric Ford Motor Company Credit
subramani, vinoth ganesh Destaco
Syed, Zamir Quantum Signal
Thelander, Veronica Element Materials Technology
Tjahjadi, Glenny Ford Motor Company
UDUMA, KALU Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
USTUN, ILYAS Wayne State University
Vachon, Jessica GLWA
Vaynberg, Yelena LTU
Venkatesh, Varsha Ford Motor Company
Vroman, Dennis Ford Motor Co.
Wambaugh, John Naval Air Systems Command
Wan, Jian Ford Motor Co.
Wanamaker, Tricia Environmental Management Association
Washington, Gibran EcoWorks
Wasson, Suzanne DAPCEP
Williams, Pauline Ford Motor Credit Company
Williford, Patrick Great Lakes Water Authority
Wilson, James USPTO
Winfrey, Richard City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
Wrobel, Thomas University of Michigan-Flint
Yang, Fan Engineering Technology Associates
Yang, Howie Ford Motor Co
Yuhasz, Michael Ford Motor Company
Zalewski, John Marathon Petroleum Company
Zheng, Alan Yale University
Finley, Kimberly Detroit Public Schools Bates Academy
Barton, Helene Detroit Public Schools Ben Carson High School
Ham, Jayme Ecoworks Bryan Lewis
Benson, Felicia Detroit Community Schools Cass Tech
Ross-Butler, Sonya Detroit Public Schools Cass Tech
Taylor, Lorraine Detroit Board of Education Catherine Ferguson Academy
Corliss, David Ford Motor Company Chrysler
Ortiz, Tracy Detroit Public Schools Community District Clippert Academy
Evans, Sheryl Clippert Multicultural Academy Clippert Multicultural Academy
Johns, Diana R. Crestwood School District Crestwood High School
Hanlan, Patricia Detroit Country Day School Detroit Country Day
Dougherty, John Detroit Country Day School Detroit Country Day School
Smith, Stacie DPSCD DPSCD
Littles, Sue DTE Energy - Electric DTE Energy
sbeih, khaled FCA FCA
Nellum, Calvin Jalen Rose Leadership Academy FIRST Robotics
Cook, Rose Family Matter Counseling and Psychological Services Fisher Upper
Anderson, Kenneth Ford Motor Co. FORD
Appleton, Sherwin Ford Motor Company Ford
Boileau, James Ford Motor Company Research & Innovation Center Ford
Chilukuri, Satya Ford Motor Co. Ford
Cox, Candice Ford Motor Company Ford
DeWaele, Dan Ford Motor Co. Ford
Doering, Jeffrey Ford Motor Co. Ford
Dorman, Christopher Ford Motor Co. Ford
Douglas, Vanshana Ford Motor Co. Ford
Ejakov, Sally Ford Motor Co. Ford
Favenyesi, Thomas Ford Motor Company Ford
Fradkin, Yakov Ford Motor Co. Ford
Hilditch, Jim Ford Motor Company Ford
Klick, Joseph Ford
Ku, Kim Ford Motor Company Ford
McLeod, Hugh Ford Motor Co. Ford
Meinecke, Louis Ford Motor Company Ford
Miller, Steven Ford Motor Co. Ford
Poenisch, Volker Ford Motor Co. Ford
Shvartsman, Oleg Ford Motor Co. Ford
Stachowski, Ed Ford Motor Company Ford
Stileski, Erin Ford Motor Company Ford
Xiao, Nian Ford Motor Company Ford
Yang, Howie Ford Motor Company Ford
Yesh, Kenneth Ford Motor Company Ford
Crouch, Andrew Ford Motor Company Ford - James Boileau
Boesch, Mathew Ford Motor Company Research & Advanced Ford Model T'eams
Prevo, Michael Ford Motor Ford Motor
Lee, Augusto Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Co.
Karoumy, Nicholas Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Mazeh, Ali Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Mehta, Niki Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Company
Osborne, Leah Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Petersen, James Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Company
Shurtleff, David Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Warda, Gary Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Schilke, David Ford Motor Co. Ford-David Schilke
Madsen, Jim Ford Motor Company Ford-John Krajacic
Smith, Kimberly Ford Motor Company Ford-John Krajacic
Browner, Lorenzo George Washington Carver Academy George Washington Carver Academy
Kouassi, Yao GLWA GLWA
Roberts, Michael General Motors GM
Jerome, Wendy grosse pointe academy Grosse pointe academy
Goff, George Detroit Public Schools Community District Henry Ford High School
Peek-Brown, Deborah Michigan Michigan State University
McMillan, Greg WCS MMSCT
Hilliard, Jamie Warren Consolidated Schools MMSTC
Rudolph, Bridgette Detroit Public Schools Nolan Elementary School
Gonzalez-Sheeran, Maggie Novi Community Schools Novi Middle School
Ferrari, Thomas Oakland University OUWB
Massey, Yolonda Detroit Public Schools Community School District Pasteur
Sharpe, David Retired DPS Previously, now retired from D.P.S.
Butler, Daydawn Detroit Public Schools Renaissance High School
Atkisson, Connie Detroit Public Schools Community District Thirkell