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The following judges have signed up to judge the Science Fair at Cobo Hall.
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An * given by the judge name (before the Company name) signifies that the judge has also registered with their company volunteer program.

Total number of judges signed up to date = 244

Name   Company Name School Name or Community Program
Carter, Angeline
Grzebienik, Gary
Klick, Joseph Ford
Neishaboori, Azin
O'Mara, Kevin
Saxe, Andrew
Sharma, Ajit
Siddiqui, Adam
Stephan, Craig (Retired)
Bernard-Buie, Ellen .
Schiele, Carl .
ganguly, snehasis 20600 Rotunda
Xu, Chunchuan 2101 Village Rd Ford Motor Company
Saylor, Jonathan ACCE Alternative High School ACCE Alternative High School
Strabel, Heidi Advanced Resource Recovery
Garcia-Moir, Jeana Advanced Underground Inspection
Rajgopal, Arun Amway
Scales, Thomas AT&T
Narayan, Nirmal Autoliv
Cowan, Teresa Baker College
Stec, Lori Beaumont Health System
Shaffer, Sheila Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Chumiecki, Bo Brother Rice High School Brother Rice High School
Dinverno, Matt Brown & Brown Insurance and Risk Management
Wilke, Scott C&K Industrial Services
Thakker, Shyam Clara B. Ford Academy
Torok, Brian Clinton Women's Healthcare
Lewis, Teresa Communities In Schools
Rockwell, James ConocoPhillips (Retired)
Johns, Diana R. Crestwood School District Crestwood High School
Ludwig, Gina Currently off work
Cook, Rose David Ellis Academy Fisher Upper
Hubel, John Davis Aerospace High School (Retired)
Moran, Carilee Delphi Corporation
Grobbel, Thomas Destaco
Perlman, Maurice Destaco
Witt, Larry Destaco
Broughton, Michelle Detroit Board of Education
Hanlan, Patricia Detroit Country Day School Detroit Country Day
McMillan, Lara Detroit Country Day Upper School
Buckler, Michele Detroit Diesel Corporation
Massey, Wendell Detroit Public School Pasteur Elementary
Duffy, Mark Detroit Public Schools Academy of the Americas
Holloway, Sharon Detroit Public Schools
Ross, Sonya Detroit Public Schools Cass Tech
Rudolph, Bridgette Detroit Public Schools Nolan Elementary School
Finley, Kimberly Detroit Public Schools- Bates Academy Bates Academy
Jones, Hallie Detroit Public Schools Community Dist.
Agnew, Yolonda Detroit Public Schools Community District East English Village
Atkisson, Connie Detroit Public Schools Community District Thirkell
Irby, Thaddaeus Detroit STEAM Academy
Farr , Valerion Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
Regan, David Douglass Academy Douglass Academy
Huddleston, Corlissa Douglass College Preparatory
Amene, Rosemary DPSCD
Blankenship, Chantay DPSCD: Burton International Academy DPSCD
Clark, Christy DTE Energy
Kolopajlo, Larry Eastern Michigan University
Krent, Tom Education Planning Resources
Corden, Sam Environmental Management Association
O'Mara, Carol Environmental Management Association
Stanbroug, Michael Environmental Management Association
Wanamaker, Tricia Environmental Management Association
Kratz, Denise Explorers Homeschool Association Explorers Homeschool Association
Joslin, Audrey FCA Group
Carpenter, Steven Fisher & Company
Ahmed, Ejaz * Ford
Bratby, James * Ford
Fino, Tim Ford
wilson, jacob * ford
Gavulic, James * Ford Motor
Kardel, Steven Ford Motor
Adapa, Venkat * Ford Motor Co
Bremmer, Anastasia * Ford Motor Co ford motor co
Okun, Mark * Ford Motor Co
Yang, Howie * Ford Motor Co
Aekka, Venkat * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Baker, Noelle * Ford Motor Co. Dianna McDonald - Ford
Bezak, Jonathon * Ford Motor Co.
Cavataio, Giovanni Ford Motor Co. Ford
Chea, Vichit * Ford Motor Co.
Chen, Haiyan Ford Motor Co. Ford
Chilukuri, Satya * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Deleston , Ellen * Ford Motor Co.
DeWaele, Dan * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Doering, Jeffrey Ford Motor Co. Ford
Dorman, Christopher * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Fradkin, Yakov * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Frew, Rob * Ford Motor Co.
Heil, Charles * Ford Motor Co.
Kotte, Rao * Ford Motor Co.
Laskey, Brian * Ford Motor Co.
McLeod, Hugh * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Mehta, Niki * Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Company
Miller, Steven * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Petersen, James * Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Company
Poenisch, Volker * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Ren, Feng Ford Motor Co. Ford-Steve Miller
Schilke, David * Ford Motor Co. Ford-David Schilke
Shvartsman, Oleg * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Stone, Damian * Ford Motor Co. Ford
Vroman, Dennis * Ford Motor Co.
Wan, Jian * Ford Motor Co.
Vitale, Fred Ford Motor Co. - retired
Alger, John Ford Motor Company
Alimuddin, Mohammad * Ford Motor Company
Almeria, Brian Ford Motor Company
Bollin, Shannon Ford Motor Company James Boileau
Burton, Cherise Ford Motor Company
Chauhan, Pratibha * FORD Motor Company FORD Motor Company
Chou, Wendy Ford Motor Company
Crouch, Andrew Ford Motor Company Ford - James Boileau
Dodt, Matthew * Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Gale, Allan * Ford Motor Company Ford
Guo, Kevin Ford Motor Company
Hall, Mark * Ford Motor Company Ford
Hilditch, Jim Ford Motor Company Ford
Hsu, Cheng-Wei Ford Motor Company
Ivanitskiy, Igor * Ford Motor Company
Jordan, Marcus Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Kaufman, Jeremy * Ford Motor Company Ford
Khan, Naved Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Koripella, Srinivas * Ford Motor Company
Lee, Augusto Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Co.
Levin, Michael * Ford Motor Company
Liu, Charles * Ford Motor Company
Lown, Anne Ford Motor Company Ford
Malencia, Christopher * Ford Motor Company
Malik, Mohammed Ford Motor Company
Maruthi, Sharma * Ford Motor Company
Milacic, Milos * Ford Motor Company
Nawaz, Hassan * Ford Motor Company
Osborne, Leah Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Pinnamaneni, Srinivas * Ford Motor Company
Potter, Timothy Ford Motor Company
Raad, Jad * Ford Motor Company Ford
Reed, Stephen Ford Motor Company
Sambandan, Kumar * Ford Motor Company
Sangameswaran, Sangeetha * Ford Motor Company
Shelcusky, Darren * Ford Motor Company
Somasundaram, Balaji * Ford Motor Company
Srivastava, Chetna Ford Motor Company
Stileski, Eric Ford Motor Company
Stileski, Erin * Ford Motor Company Ford
Swaroop, Vishnu * Ford Motor Company
Tankersley, Stephanie * Ford Motor Company
Terbrack, Laura * Ford Motor Company
Warda, Gary * Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Wolbeck, Emily * Ford Motor Company
Wu, Jason Ford Motor Company
Xiao, Nian * Ford Motor Company Ford
Xu, Lifeng Ford Motor Company
Zhang, Michelle * Ford Motor Company Ford
Boesch, Mathew * Ford Motor Company Research & Advanced Ford Model T'eams
Boileau, James * Ford Motor Company Research & Innovation Center Ford
Howard, Kevin * Ford Motor Compary
Taylor, Lolita * Ford Motor Credit
Chada, Shilpa * Ford Motors
Evans, Sheryl Frederick Douglass Academy Frederick Douglass Academy
Dickirson, Gene Gene Dickirson Engineering
Anantapantula, Sarma General Electric (GE)
Browner, Lorenzo George Washington Carver Academy
Karazim, Jenna GLWA
Kouassi, Yao GLWA GLWA
Ahmed, Abul Great Lakes Water Authority
Frazier, Debbie Great Lakes Water Authority
Jurban, Michael Great Lakes Water Authority
Khan, Wajid Great Lakes Water Authority
Kuplicki, Stephen Great Lakes Water Authority
Lingenfelter, Steven Great Lakes Water Authority Great Lakes Water Authority
Sehgal, Balvinder Great Lakes Water Authority
Singleton, Kenneth Great Lakes Water Authority
Steary, Chris Great Lakes Water Authority
Varghese, Biji Great lakes water authority
Williford, Patrick Great Lakes Water Authority
Barnes, Belinda GreenBeings Recycling
Perry, Kyle Henry Ford Health System
Chill, Thomas Integrated Design Solutions
Johnston, Richard Lawrence Tech. University
Partin, Dale Macomb Community College
Kerckaert, David Marathon oil company
Brown, Graham Marathon Petroleum Company
Nowak, Allison Marathon Petroleum Company Marathon
Pasquali, Dean Marathon Petroleum Company
Czajka, Mark Marine Pollution Control
Geiger, Shannon Marine Pollution Control Corporation
Peek-Brown, Deborah Michigan Michigan State University
Muhammad, Tynetta Michigan Department of Transportation
Dolson, Emily Michigan State University
Nahum, Joshua Michigan State University
Kuo, Min-Hao Michigan State University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Beynon, Robert Michigan Technological University
Geldermans, Arnold Midwestern Consulting, LLC
Morris, David MITRE
Stamper, Ronald Mott Community College
Gonzalez-Sheeran, Maggie Novi Community Schools Novi Middle School
Attardi, Stefanie Oakland University
Taylor, Tracey Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Mawari, Redhwan Patent and Trademark office
Montowski, Wendy PROS Services, Inc.
Rohde, Steve Quantum Signal
Allen, Douglas Retired
Brimhall, Thomas Retired
Komjathy, Robert retired
Rush , Lisa Retired
Sickafus, Ed retired
Wood, Gerald Retired
Armiak, James Retired - Marathon Petroleum Company
Booker-Bryant, Valerie Retired Detroit Public School Ann Arbor Trail
Shamass, John Retired Detroit Public Schools
Sharpe, David Retired DPS Previously, now retired from D.P.S.
Ebert, Christopher Self employed
Ebert, Christopher Self employed
Albu, Michael Somnio Global LLC
Balasubramanian, Maridass Somnioglobal LLC
Spears, Ronald Spears Consulting
Silbergleit, Allen St. Joseph Mercy Oakland
Hicks, Charles STEM STUFF OUTREACH MASOP-Morehouse College Alumni STEM Outreach
Camelio, Andrew The Dow Chemical Company The Dow Chemical Company
Shelmon, Bill Toyota Motor North America
Jackson, Cleophas U.S. EPA
wong, yuen United States Patent & Trademark Office
Baker, Stokes University of Detroit Mercy
Frasier, Chad University of Michigan
Jiang, W University of Michigan
Silbergleit, Robert University of Michigan
Hurley, Alex US Ecology
McPherson, James US Patent & Trademark Office US Patent & Trademark Office
Brooks, Kregg US Patent and Trademark Office
Bushart, David USPTO
Kindred, Alford USPTO
Wilson, James USPTO
McPherson, Shelby VM3 Construction
Arora, Ashi Wayne State University
Barrett, Matthew Wayne State University
Bowen, Scott Wayne State University
Burdick, Scott Wayne State University
McCullen, Megan Wayne State University Wayne State University Planetarium
Papuga, Shirley Wayne State University
Resztak, Justyna Wayne State University
Finley, Russ Wayne State University School of Medicine
Hilbers, Grant Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority